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You too can be Free

I specialise in teaching people the tools that helped me overcome the hell that was my home-life and the overwhelming effects of my traumatic life from childhood and continuing on into my adulthood.

My experiences, contaminated every part of my existence, from my lack of self worth, to my toxic negative beliefs and all consuming self hatred and so much more.

I want you to know, you can heal, you deserve to heal.

I will show you how!


Special Gift for those who are Hurting

Because I Care 

I believe people generally know what their problems are

what they don’t know and this is why they seek out the help of professionals,

is to find out the missing piece of the puzzle the “How To”.

I hear on a daily basis people telling me their friend or family member/s should do this work.

I agree, I am passionate about helping people heal their pain and break the damaging cycles and patterns we find ourselves stuck in.

This is My gift to everyone in the community who are hurting, angry, depressed, using whatever they can to numb out their pain, believing that nothing works, hating themselves and the world around them.

I’ve been there, I know how it feels and I also know how to help you get to the other side and start to live the life you and your loved ones deserve.

For the month of August every new client will only pay $30.00 for the first session.

After that you ask?   I am happy to negotiate a fair price for My Services.

I want you to get results, People say I’ve done this, I’ve seen a professional before.

Well, You haven’t seen me Yet.





Free Information Session Monday 13th August 6 pm

Monday 13th August at 6.00pm

at 181 Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba upstairs in Integrity Wealth Planners OfficeSuite

This event will give you an overview of the Healing and Recovery Programs that Multi Award Winning Facilitator Dianne Spencer offers.


  • Improve Your Self Esteem
  • Become more Confident in yourself
  • Anger Resolutions Program
  • Making Peace with your Past
  • Reclaiming your Life – Sexual Abuse
  • Parenting Program
  • Substance Abuse
  • Partners and Family Support Program

Come along meet Dianne in this relaxed informal event and discover for yourself how you too can be Free of the toxic behaviours that contaminate your relationships and life.

Refreshments available and numbers are limited

To book your place email:

or call Dianne Spencer: 0403142326

Effective Anger Management Program

Breaking Free’s revolutionary Anger Management Recovery Program is now open for bookings.

Please click on link to listen to the ABC Radio Interview 

This 10 week program has been instrumental in successfully helping hundreds of individuals understand themselves and get to the core of why they react and behave the way they do.

So many people feel helpless and confused as to  “how to” change their anger fuelled and toxic behaviours.  Through the program participants learn techniques that equip them to manage more effectively, the day to day stressors and frustrations, that cause the volcano to erupt.   Therefore finding a more balanced approach and creating a sense of peace within themselves, their relationships and families and work places.