About Dianne Spencer

Dianne has been providing specialised effective and affordable Counselling Services, Recovery & Healing Programs and Workshops for over 25 years.  Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, thousands of individuals, couples and families from around Australia attest to the results they have achieved with her unique Multi Award Winning Services.

Dianne specialises in teaching you the missing “How To” in healing and recovery.

Many people are  stuck in “survival mode” this comes from our fight or flight survival instincts and when we are stressed, confused or experiencing overwhelming emotions due to the painful situations in our lives, we go into fight or flight.

 As humans we tend to alternative between the two, for example if the situation is overwhelming and painful we want to avoid it, so we ignore it, push it down, numb out using all sorts of things to distract ourselves, like friends, work ect. or we self medicate with addictive behaviours such as alcohol, social media, shopping, sex, prescription or illegal drugs, TV, people, computer and the list goes on.

Or we go into fight mode and immediately over-react, get frustrated or angry and this just adds fuel to the already simmering fire and the volcano explodes and we pour out hot lava all over our loved ones.

This is how the pattern starts to form and it becomes our normal pattern of behaviour, we then feel powerless to change it, we start telling ourselves and others, this is just who we are, but deep down we know this isn’t true and we are left with deep seated feelings of confusion, anxiety, depression and beat ourselves up with guilt, shame and blame. 

Now we are stuck in the cycle of a destructive survival mode and feel trapped, unhappy, frustrated and often angry, which we then take out on our selves and those around us.  This can and must change, if you are to ever experience any lasting peace and happiness within yourself and your life.  The masks we wear and the walls we put up to protect ourselves, are now the prison walls of fear we live behind.    

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Dianne Spencer, has a wealth of Academic qualifications and experience, as well as several  Awards she has received in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the areas of;

Mental Health & Well Being

Individual, Couple, Family and Pre Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Blended families  – helping them deal with the complexities involved

Addictions & substance abuse as well as Anxiety and OCD Behaviours

Parenting Program and Triple P Program 

Anger Management Program

All forms of Abuse, sexual, emotional, physical, mental  

Depression, Self Harming and Suicidal Tendencies

However Dianne believes her most affective “qualification” has come from her own personal experiences.   Dianne’s early life was an horrific story of years of violence, abuse and rejection, yet she is a wonderful example, that when you are able to find the right tools, and apply them, you can be free to live a productive happy life.

“My work is different to traditional counselling or psychology says Dianne, what I offer is the best of everything I have personally and academically walked through and packaged into this proven successful process that sets people free.

Dianne was again recognised for her outstanding work in the community when she was named the Winner of the Qld Mental Health Achievement Award in the Individual Category in 2013  

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