Counselling that gets Results

Heal Your Wounded Self; This is the missing piece of the puzzle, unless we unlock the door to the original wound or trauma and heal it at that level, we will stay on the merry go round searching for a quick fix or less confronting options, this just keeps us trapped in a painful cycle and doesn’t provide the long term healing and peace we desire.

“I was very skeptical and disillusioned when I first went to see Dianne.  I had tried so many counsellors and psychologists over the years to help our relationship and nothing worked.  When Dianne showed us on the whiteboard, how she would work with us in addressing our issues, I felt a sense of excitement and hope, because finally someone who made sense. It changed our lives and saved our marriage, we have never looked back and that was over 10 years ago.”  *Linda 56 Noosa

Dianne’s work is nothing like other services, it’s a process that helped me to understand myself and where I became stuck in my life and showed me the way out, by helping me to find the keys I needed to unlock the doors to myself”   *Sue 42 Caloundra


You too can be Free

Services covering;

Individual, couple, family and pre marriage relationship counselling

Blended families  – helping them deal with the complexities involved

Addictions, Anxiety and OCD Behaviours

Parenting Programs Including Triple P Parenting

Anger Management, bullying and domestic violence programs

All forms child abuse and adult sexual assault

Depression, self harming and suicidal tendencies