Anger Management & Recovery Programs

WordsAnger Management Programs 

This revolutionary program has helped hundreds of men and women across the country to uncover the reasons for their anger.  Participants have learned the keys to understanding and managing their anger and toxic emotions, that can destroy relationships, families, work and lives.

This program is unique in that we acknowledge that anger is an important emotion and is closely tied to our values – people generally don’t get angry about things that don’t matter to them.

However, what does happen is that most people swallow, push down the little or big things that frustrate, annoy or upset them, until it becomes a huge toxic waste pit.

This makes the fuse gets shorter over the years and then the smallest things can light the fuse and the volcano erupts and hot lava pours all over the ones that are closest to the person, usually their loved ones, or at others in general, for example road rage, customer service staff ect.

Breaking Free helps people process and release these built up emotions and they learn how to manage the day to day frustrations more effectively, thus reducing and eliminating the destructive behaviours that can dominate peoples lives.

Do your emotions control you?

What anger is and isn’t?

What are the repeated triggers that keep tripping you up in your life?

Repressed anger, is anger that stays with you, as it is unresolved.

Identify the Negative You voice – the Inner Critic and learn how to control it.

Identify the I voice – and meet your real self.

Whats in your emotional tank and how to make sure its filled with good fuel.

Is your thought cycle positive or negative?

The volcano – whats rumbling beneath the surface?

In this 10 week program we will address these issues and much more.

Come and explore the answers to these questions and more in a safe and open environment.

Remove the Tattoo from your forehead; Is what Dianne’s innovative and results based programs teach people how to do.  For those who feel they are trapped in unhappy, damaging or abusive relationships with themselves or others, they are able to identify and break free from the patterns that keep them stuck and powerless.  

We often say, “It’s like we have a sign on our head that say’s pick me” This program teaches people ‘How to’ remove that sign forever!   Once you can identify the patterns that created the sign, you can then change those patterns and remove it, this Breaks the victim cycle forever. You will stop picking the same kinds of people, who hurt or reject and abandon you and more importantly they will stop being attracted to you.

Make Peace with Your Past 

Do you want to stop recycling past events?  Do you want to live, without Fear dominating your life?  This program will uncover (if you’re ready) the core fears that exist inside you, and often subconsciously controls your actions and behaviours. It will also “teach you” how to heal the original wounds. You will learn techniques, that will enable you to break the hold your past has on your life and be free once and for all. You will be amazed at the results; Do you realise how much energy it takes, to keep holding your fears down? Release them and use that energy on the things you want in your life!

Learn how to;

  • Stop the past from contaminating your life
  • Release your fears and your sabotage triggers
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Grief & loss, depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Improve self esteem & confidence
  • Take of the mask and set your Real Self Free
  • Heal from the effects of emotional, mental and physical abuse
  • Overcome the fear of rejection & abandonment
  • Stop being controlled by guilt, shame and blame
  • Identify and change negative beliefs

This course is also available On-Line as a self paced healing program at a cost of $20.00 per module. 

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Reclaiming your Life  

(separate groups for men & women)

Specifically designed for those suffering from the affects of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault

Some of the topics covered;

  • Breaking the silence
  • Overcoming powerlessness
  • Low self esteem & self hatred
  • Anger and resentment
  • Sexual abuse and the affects
  • When your trust is broken
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and depression
  • Reclaiming your body, your life
  • Dealing with over responsibility and caretaking
  • Breaking free from addictive and abusive relationships
  • Overcoming the pain and fear of rejection and abandonment
  • Re-defining the boundaries
  • Letting go of toxic shame, blame & guilt
  • Discover and set your Real Self Free