Workshops covering a range of Topics

  • Improve your confidence & self esteem
  • Stop others & yourself using manipulation, guilt and fear to get your needs met.
  • Overcome Fear of Failure/Success
  • Identify and remove the triggers that sabotage your happiness or success
  • Stop being controlled by blame, shame, fear and guilt
  • Overcoming the pain and fear of rejection & abandonment
  • Find your Identity
  • Dealing with Grief and Loss
  • Learning to forgive, but most importantly forgiving Yourself
  • Letting go of your emotional baggage from the past
  • Effective sttrategies for dealing with Bullying in the Workplace/School/Home
  • Uncover the source of your anger and rage that causes your volcano to erupt
  • Remove the negative and destructive inner voice that dominates and controls you
  • Learn to work with your emotions rather than be ruled by them
  • Break the destructive patterns, depression, alcohol & substance addiction, anxiety, panic, compulsive and avoidance behaviours as well as self sabotage
  • Let go of pain & trauma from the past or present, so you don’t take it into your future
  • Learn that you can have safe loving healthy relationships
  • Discover the lies you believe – You do have worth and value, you do deserve to have what you want

All  Workshops and Counselling Services are available on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as On-Line and Skype