Words from Past Clients’

“Dianne is the new Guru in discovering and uncovering your True Self, everyone who is searching for wholeness, needs to do this work.”  Malcolm P WA

“I was very skeptical and disillusioned when I first went to see Dianne.  I had tried so many counsellors and psychologists over the years to help our relationship and nothing worked.  When Dianne showed us on the whiteboard, how she would work with us in addressing our issues, I felt a sense of excitement and hope, because finally someone who made sense. It changed our lives and saved our marriage, we have never looked back and that was over 10 years ago.”  *Linda 56 Noosa

“Dianne’s work is simply the best, everything you need to know and understand, in order to take your life where you want it to go, is in this work. Stop looking!”  Carol 38 NT

At first, I thought I was going to see Dianne to fix a few things abut myself.   I soon realised that I was participating in a truly remarkable process, that would allow me to search myself, discover my worth and redefine my life.   Thank you Dianne, it has been surprising and enjoyable doing this work with you.   James 


I consider myself to be a normal person with all the normal pressures and responsibilities of modern day life. I am married man, have a family and run a small business. I’m normally a busy person so frustration and stress are constant companions to me.

Over the past 10 years I’ve noticed and been reminded many times by my family, that I’m not the happy go lucky person I used to be. I’m angry a lot more than I used to be, even to the point where I was told by my wife that this has to stop, it makes me and the kids feel bad.  I realised I had to do something, I knew inside that despite all the excuses I was telling myself,  I had to admit I wasn’t happy and I was making everyone else around me unhappy as well.

I decided I needed help, so I google searched Counsellors on the Sunshine Coast and after a few emails I met with Dianne. I was very sceptical, but I was willing to give it a go. I wont go into detail, but Dianne slowly unraveled what the core issues were and I realised that I needed to sort a lot of stuff out in order to move forward.  Anyway within 4 weeks people noticed improvement and I felt an improvement within myself. After a few more weeks I felt great and my family noticed a real improvement in my behaviour.

If you’re having problems or feel the need to seek out help, in order to get your life back on track, I highly recommend Dianne Spencer.  With Dianne’s help and guidance I found the solutions to the problem that had been affecting my life for over 10 years and I can’t thank her enough and my family thanks her as well.   Gordon 52  Sunshine Coast

Dianne’s work is nothing like other services, it’s a process that helped me to understand myself and where I became stuck in my life and showed me the way out, by helping me to find the keys I needed to unlock the doors to myself”   *Sue 42 Caloundra


When I turned up to start the group program, I was scared.  I had reached out before, and ended up feeling blamed and judged.  I needed a safe place to learn about life and myself.  A place I could ask all the questions I had running around in my head and a place where I could heal without judgement or accusation. I experienced the love and acceptance I needed, to learn and grow.  I developed tools to deal with life and the anxiety I was feeling.  My self-confidence slowly returned and I was able to face life more enthusiastically.  I will always be grateful for the chance to deal with the issues I needed to, so that I could move past the pain and re-write my future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dianne. LS. NZ