We teach you how to unpack and empty out your emotional baggage

In my experience most people know what their problems are; What they are seeking help for is "HOW" How do I let go and move on? How to stop the craziness in my head? How to stop doing, what I don't want to do? How do I stop being so angry. Th

Recovery Programs that get the results you want.

Underneath any and all addictions there is always a level of Self Hatred, to a lesser or greater degree. The stronger the self hatred = the stronger the hold of addictions have over us. When you learn How to Heal from your own self hatred, you can Break

Anger Management Program

Anger is a very important emotion, It's linked to our values. We don't get angry about things that don't matter. We get angry when we feel betrayed, lied too, criticised, ridiculed, rejected and abandoned and so much more. The problem is that we keep p

Healthy Shame verses Toxic Shame. There is a very real difference between healthy shame, which is our Jiminy Cricket - our Conscience in determining right and wrong and Toxic Shame which is when we believe that we are wrong or flawed.

Improve Self Esteem and re build your Confidence. We judge ourselves and others harshly. We cover up by trying to be perfect.

Do you question who you are and can't seem to find the answer? Uncover your real self, under the masks and behind the walls we put up to protect ourselves.

Overcome the fear and pain of rejection & abandonment.

About Us

A self funded community service organisation, providing specialised services, for all who are suffering from any and all emotional pain. For over twenty five years I have been running a Non-Funded, Not for Profit Community Service Organisation called Breaking Free. This organisation’s original purpose was to provide specialised affordable and effective Intensive Healing and Recovery Programs for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse for women and men. To date, over six thousand people have completed our programs and the services offered have increased according to the need in communities across South East Queensland.


My work has been recognised extensively though the many awards and accolades’ during this time, including being a twice winner of the Earle Deuce Mental Health Award 2000 and in 2015 the Individual Mental Health Award.

One of the most in demand programs offered; are the Anger Management Program due to the structure and focus of this program.

The focus of this program is;

1. Learn techniques to manage the day to day stressors and frustrations and not allow the build-up that fuels the volcanic eruptions.

2. Identify and heal the original wounds and learn the tools to eliminate the triggers and sabotage behaviours.

Know Somthing

For over twenty five years I have worked tirelessly, to offer services to the community that will reduce and eliminate the toxic, destructive behaviours we see in our society. All my work is founded upon gaining awareness and understanding of themselves and the destructive impact of their behaviours on themselves and those around them. This gives them Hope and empowers them to take responsibility for the choices they make.

Through the program, they gain the tools and strategies necessary, to enable them to heal their emotional baggage, pain, and rage. The outcome of this is men and women becoming empowered to make proactive, healthier decisions and choices, which leads to healthier positive behaviours.

Services Offer

Specialised Domestic Violence Program

Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

Anger Management Program

Parenting Programs, partner support program and workshops.

Skype, Zoom, and phone sessions available as well as on-line

Workshops on various topics held regularly

  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Healthy Communication Skills
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Addictions and Compulsions


A specialised 10 week course that will teach you how to dissolve the destructive patterns of stress, frustration, hurt and rejection, that builds into anger and even deep buried rage.

Measure and Improve your Self-Esteem and Self Worth. Do your emotions control you?, What anger is and isn't?. What are the repeated triggers that keep tripping you up in your life?, Learn how to stop sabotaging your own, happiness, success, health and relationships. Learn how to stop the build-up of the volcano erupting Identify and remove your hidden fears and sabotage. Uncover unresolved events and process them, in healthy ways. Uncover damaging beliefs. The victim thought cycle. Who are You? Uncover your True Identity Releasing the lies you believe. Reclaim your Truth. Review your progress. What strategies are working for you. Celebrate Your Success, Plan for the Future.

There is an inovative new program on the coast, which is having a huge impact on those, who want to be free of destructive, abusive relationships. Remove the Tatoo – is a groundbreaking program that helps people in damaging and abusive relationships, identify and break free from the patterns that keep them stuck and powerless. We often say, “It’s like we have a sign on our head that say’s pick me” . This program teaches people ‘How to’ remove that sign forever!. Once you can identify the patterns that created the sign, you can then change those patterns and remove the sign, this Breaks the Victim Cycle forever! 

Dianne, teaches from personal experience, she was herself, a victim of Family Domestic Violence and back through three genertaions.  Dianne broke the cycle of abuse and she is proof that you can too.

Improve your Self-Esteem. Letting go of toxic guilt, shame & blame, Emotional Tank. Taking Control of Your Thoughts and Breaking Dysfunctional Thought Patterns and Create New Healthy Cycles. Dealing with Anger & Resentment. How to Stop the Volcano Erupting. Identify your hidden fears and sabotage triggers Overcoming Rejection & Abandonment. How to change the destructive behaviour patterns that are contaminating your life. Find Your Real Identity, Who Am I, Personality Types. Review and Rate Your Goals and Re-Do Self-Esteem Assessment. Strategies for when you find yourself in the spiral. Celebrate You!

Measure and Improve your Self-Esteem, What’s your current Value/Worth, What do you want to take away from this program. Letting go of toxic guilt, shame & blame. Emotional Tank. Overcoming self-hatred. Taking Control of Your Thoughts and Breaking Dysfunctional Thought Patterns and Create New Healthy Cycles. Dealing with feelings of confusion, betrayal and resentment. Learn how to Stop the Volcano Erupting. Identify your hidden fears and sabotage triggers, Overcoming Rejection & Abandonment. How to change the destructive behaviour patterns that are contaminating your life. Find Your Real Identity, Who Am I, Personality Types Learning to Trust yourself and others again, Stop blaming/punishing yourself and your loved ones, Put the blame where it belongs. Review and Rate Your Goals and Re-Do Self-Esteem Assessment. Take Your Power, your Voice and your Body back Forgive yourself first. Strategies for when you find yourself in the spiral. Celebrate You!

Have the things that originally helped you to avoid your pain and numb out, are now the very things that are contaminating your relationships, your health, your life? . Do they now control your life? . You don’t want to use them, but you don’t know how to live without them? . If you answered Yes to any of these, then this program will help set you free. Over many years of working with people, everyone acknowledges the reasons they use drugs, alcohol, food, sex, pornography, violence, gambling, shopping, spending money, work, making money, ect… is because they will do anything to avoid feeling and to shut down their head. So they find what works for them, to help them numb out and escape from themselves, their families and the world for a while. Unfortunately, they soon discover they need more and more and then this takes over and becomes the very thing that keeps them trapped in a cycle of misery, conflict, pain and hardship. If you have had enough of this endless rollercoaster then there is Hope! . These unique and effective Healing and Recovery Programs can and will Set You Free, Ifyou’re ready to try something different! . This 10 week Healing and Recovery Program will teach you “How To” get off the rollercoaster and win the battle that rages from within.


  • Australia Day Awards

    Nominee in 2000 and 2013 Australia Day Awards Community Division.

  • The Earle Duus Memorial Award

    Winner of The Earle Duus Memorial Award 2000 In Recognition of Achievement in the Advancement of People with Psychiatric Illness within the community.

  • Mental Health Award

    Winner in the Individual Category in the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Awards

Session Fees

There is a fee for our services, however we do have a sliding scale.
cons/pens/students rates are available.

  • A 20% Discount applies to all recovery programs if paid in full


Graduate Certificates in Counselling : - Relationship, Drug & Alcohol, Child Abuse Prevention, Gambling Addictions, Grief & Loss, Suicide Prevention, Domestic Violence
Bachelor of Counselling
Cert 4 in workplace training and assessment
Diploma Community Services
Triple P Facilitator

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